Research Modules

The elementary structure of the Research Unit (RU) was formed by the sub-projects. Large parts of the research within the RU required collaborative, coherent, and thus co-ordinated efforts between two, multiple or all partners. Following the concepts presented in the Figure below we associated each sub-project to a Research Module. Click on the map to get further information about each research module or sub-project.

Research Units
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Quick Contact

Prof. Dr. Dieter Scherer (TUB)
Prof. Dr. Tobia Lakes (HUB)
Dr. Ute Fehrenbach (TUB)
Dr. Fred Meier (TUB)


Map of our observations:

UCaHS Observation Network
Latest Publication:
Donner, J., Sprondel, N. F. and J. Köppel (2017): Climate Change Adaptation to Heat Risk at the Local Level: A Bayesian Network Analysis of Local Land-Use Plan Implementation. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, 19 (2).
Follow-on projects:
Heat waves in Berlin, Germany – Urban climate modifications

BMBF Programme Urban Climate Under Change

Urban Vertical Green 2.0