Research Module 4:
Climate-responsive Buildings

The main research responsibilities for Research Module 4 are sensitivity analysis and optimisation of building designs and technologies including urban and building green.

Research Module 4 consists of three sub-projects:

4.1 Building Green
Analysis of urban/building green and pavements with respect to their relations to out- and indoor weather and climates. Analysis of actions for reducing heat-stress risks by modifications of the urban environment with special focus on urban/green and paved surfaces.

4.2 Building Designs
Analysis of building designs and their relations to heat stress. Options for reducing heat stress by modified building designs with focus on both existing and new buildings. CFD and thermal simulations of passive architectural measures including analyses of their effectiveness and efficiency.

4.3 Building Technologies
Development of methodologies for the analysis of thermally driven air-conditioning (A/C) systems. Quantification of the demand of energy (work and heat) and water for air-conditioning systems with respect to varying outdoor and indoor climates. Analysis and quantification of efficiencies and effectiveness of current and prospective air-conditioning systems with respect to reducing heat-stress risks.

Sub-project Leaders

Building green
Prof. Dr. Gerd Wessolek (TUB)
Building technologies
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Felix Ziegler (TUB)