Research Module 1.1 Regional Climate

This UCaHS sub-project provides downscaling of global climate projections to regional and urban scales in order to characterize potential future climate and extreme heat events in the considered urban regions for the time period 2041-2050. Those results provide a basis for the climate change impact research within the UCaHS project. The results support further the assessment of the relationship between potential future extreme heat events, heat stress and vulnerability of urban inhabitants for different urban development scenarios.

Research questions

  • What are key characteristics of climate and the change of climate (on average and in extremes) for the considered urban regions for the time period 2012-2070?
  • What will be the frequency distribution of future extreme heat events? What are the spatial and temporal changes of the statistical mean (characterizing intensity) and the margin of deviation characterizing variability of relevant meteorological variables?
  • What are the interactions between global climate change and urban development?

Collaboration within Research Links (RL)

410a Atmospheric processes, urban/building green and pavements
490 Urban climate projections

Collaboration within Research Cluster (RC)

510 From regional weather and climate to indoor climates
530 Effectiveness of actions for reducing heat-stress risks
540 Efficiency of actions for reducing heat-stress risk

Sub-project Members

Dr. Susanne Grossman-Clarke (formerly at PIK)
Dipl. Phys. Sebastian Schubert (formerly at PIK)

DFG Poster Presentation

DFG Poster Research Module 1.1